We run multiple Improvisation classes, from those suitable for beginners right up to 'Musical Improv Theatre'.

Our 'Introduction to Improv' class is structured so that it is accessible to newcomers and challenging enough for those with some theatre experience.


Introduction to Improv (in-person / online)

We have new classes starting regularly - contact us to find out when the next one begins.

We’ve adapted our regular Improv curriculum to give participants a crash-course in the most dynamic and liberating artform out there, allowing for both in-person AND online collaboration simultaneously. Our courses are taught by our regular instructors, and are geared towards inclusivity and creative expression. 

For health and safety purposes, there are only 6 in-person spaces available (our venue follows all up to date COVID guidelines and precautions). Online participants will interact through the ZOOM platform.

We'll cover the following topics:


Stage Presence
Inner Creativity and Voice
Active Listening
Public Speaking Skills
Performing with Confidence
Expressing Yourself through Movement

There is no final performance showcase for this course.

Cost and Duration
Our 4 week class costs £85 (8 hours)

We often offer concessions, scholarships, and early-bird discounts - send us an email to find out more.


Why Study Improvisation?

Improve your communication skills

Become a more versatile performer

Face your fears of public speaking

Have fun while exploring your creativity

Improv is theatre that's made up on the spot. Because the scenes we act out have no pre-planned characters or dialogue, they end up being both remarkably deep and remarkably funny. We'll reinforce different skills and attributes in our classes, including creativity, teamwork, listening, and pure reckless abandon.

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