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Introduction to Improv (Level 1)

Course duration: 5 - 6 weeks
Class length: 2- 3hrs per week


Improvisation is the art of spontaneously performing without a script. Whether you’re totally new to Improv, or have some stage experience, you’ll find our beginner class accessible, rigorous, and fun. You'll learn core improv concepts, practice new skills, and perform in a safe, inclusive, friendly atmosphere. Through structured games and exercises you'll learn the ropes of one the most liberatory artforms there is. You'll make friends - and you'll laugh a lot.

We cover a wide variety of concepts in Level 1 including:

Scene Initiations
Character development
The ‘Yes-And’ principle
Object and environment work
'Short-form' and 'Long-form' scene types
Making intelligent choices on stage
Confident decision-making


This class culminates in a live performance (optional). 

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