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Performance Details
Performance Schedule

Festival Line-Up

We've a wide range of performances lined up from improvisers spanning 8 nations and 3 continents!

Check out the line-up below.

Performance Schedule (evenings)

Thursday 1st August

7pm - 7.30pm Ex-Friends (Belfast)

7.40pm - 8.10pm Big Bang Improv (Boston)

8.30pm - 9pm Joju Island (Shanghai)
9.10pm - 9.40pm Mixer team (Various)


Friday 2nd August


7pm - 7.30pm Noted - Musical Improv (Chicago)

7.40pm - 8.10pm Shark Sandwich (Various)

8.30pm - 9pm Isaac's Brain Is Very Crowded (Amsterdam)
9.10pm - 9.40pm Instructobot 2000 (Various)

Saturday 3rd August

7pm - 7.30pm Moon Men (Dublin)

7.40pm - 8.10pm Duology of Fallot (València/Amsterdam)

8.30pm - 9pm Stealing the Show (Cambridge)
9.10pm - 9.40pm Mixer team (Various)

Sunday 4th August

7pm - 7.30pm Snatch Improv (Cork)

7.40pm - 8.10pm Saída Sul (Brasília/Lisbon)

8.30pm - 9pm Wonderfrog (Belfast)
9.10pm - 9.40pm Théâtre de l’Oignon (Strasbourg)

*times subject to slight changes. Keep checking in for up-to-date information

Performance Details

Thursday 1st August

Ex-Friends are a Belfast-based performing duo. Jordan Robinson and Hugo Moreira will guide you through dynamic scenes that weave between darkly comic and bitterly poignant. We're excited to have Ex-Friends as the official festival openers!

Hailing from the US, Big Bang Improv is Boston style free-form that has been wowing US and international audiences for years. The entire set moves seamlessly from one scene to the next at the rate of over a scene a minute all following the group play philosophy of "follow the funny". The show builds rapidly and culminates in a series of surprising and organic callbacks done through the unique editing styling and story telling of this Boston super-team. This is a high-energy improv experience that redefines itself with every performance

Our second twoprov act of the night, ex-Shanghaiers Joju Island will be building on their unique experiences to craft scenes of extreme intimacy and comedy. Super-friends Jodie Gilles and Julien Bertrand draw on their long performing arts backgrounds, and close relationship, to build high quality improvised theatre.

Tonight's Mixer team, coached by Ferran Luengo, will bring together a range of improvisers to perform a special show based on the experiences of one member of the audience.


Friday 2nd August


 Noted - Musical Improv are an international troupe of singing improvisers who will be using your suggestions to inspire songs and scenes with live musical accompaniment. Musical improv was a hit at last year's festival - this is definitely a show not to be missed.

Isaac's Brain Is Very Crowded presents Isaac Goes On An Adventure, a solo fantasy epic starring Isaac and the many characters that live in his mind. To summon new characters, Isaac gives an audience member a magic bell - each time the audience member rings the bell, a new character must spring forth into the adventure. Chaotic and nutty, Isaac Goes On An Adventure is what happens when one's inner nerd comes hurtling on stage.

Instructobot 2000 is this year's Instructor show! 6 improv teachers will be combining their powers to bring you a show that promises to leave you amazed.

Saturday 3rd August

Dublin based improv group Moon Men specialise in the monoscene form. In a Moon Men show you get the chance to eavesdrop on a significant moment in the private lives of three best friends. They're the mates you’ve hung around with since school, the co-workers you see everyday or the brothers you always wanted. 

Ferran Luengo and Isaac Simon are Duology of Fallot, and they'll be performing their hit show 'Regular Heartbeat'. A hit at festivals across Europe, this peculiar gem of an improv show will have your hearts racing.

Since their debut in Decemeber 2017, Stealing the Show's high energy, playful style blends perfectly with the heist genre to create a killer comedy combination. Based on audience suggestions, Stealing The Show build a crack heist team, an impenetrable vault and perform a fantastic, more likely farcical raid that will have you laughing all the way to the bank. What will we steal? How will we steal it? It's all up to you!

Sunday 4th August

Established in 2002, Cork-based Snatch Improv is one of Ireland’s longest-running improv shows, playing everywhere from a houseboat to a cowshed.  They have played in Finland and Amsterdam, but their home ground at The Roundy in Cork is where they practice their craft. Snatch have played long and short form but delight in making up their own styles

Saída Sul ask the question - if your life had a soundtrack which songs will be in your playlist? As music can change our energy and humor, the audience will choose songs that will inspire 2 random characters that will be connected and change their stories.

Belfast-based short-form troupe
Wonderfrog have been performing for the better part of a decade with their monthly residency at the Black Box. Expect fast-paced scenes, irreverent humour, and plenty of laughter.

The Théâtre de l’Oignon company is a troupe of professional actors and musicians. Founded in 2003, they ‘re an innovative group of skillfull actors and improvisers. As momentum funambulists, our improvisers walk on the edge of chaos, let their bodies be inspired by the atmosphere of the room, the music, the lights, props and settings randomly placed on stage.

*times subject to slight changes. Keep checking in for up-to-date information

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