Belfast Improv

Improv Comedy Shows & Classes

What is Improv?Improvisation is the art of spontaneously performing comedy and theatre without a script.Improv shows come in many flavours, but at Belfast Improv our shows are typically 'long-form', which means that we perform 20 min - 2 hour shows with an overarching narrative or theme.How do you know it'll be funny?All of our performers are trained in-house, so we know that the shows are high quality. The characters we create are not necessarily comical, but the situations we put them in are.That being said, it's all made up on the spot, so while we strive for interesting characters and situations, there's always an element of risk. That's what makes improvisation such an appealing and dynamic artform.Do you need stage experience for a beginner class?Not at all. Most people who take a beginner improv class have no prior stage experience. Our training centre is designed to get everyone performance-ready, regardless of experience.

IMPROV IN THE WORKPLACEImprovisation skills are not just useful for stage performance - they're useful for everyday life.Some of the transferable skills we build include:- Effective Teamwork
- Public Speaking
- Transformative Leadership
- Creativity and Flexibility
- Principles of Collaboration
- Clear Communication
- Managing Anxiety
- Working with Personal Boundaries
All of our workshops are delivered by Paul Mone, the Creative Director of Belfast Improv. You can find out more about Paul and the clients he has worked with here.Feel free to send us a message to enquire about bespoke workshops and rates.